Chief Properties

Chief Properties LLC is a Real Estate Brokerage serving the Kansas City Region in both Missouri & Kansas. Chief Properties LLC handles residential & commercial acquisitions & sales.

Serving buyers, sellers and investors all around the Kansas City Metro. We are a full service real estate brokerage that has a team to serve the real estate needs of our unique clients.

We are primarily referral based and pride ourselves in client satisfaction. Our success through the difficult real estate market has been our quality agents, proven results & referred business.

Chief Properties is a family-owned & operated business that serves the community it started from. Chief Properties is a full-service residential & commercial real estate brokerage that has a dynamic service for each diverse real estate consumer we serve in today’s marketplace. We embrace and further empower the savvy real estate consumer that brings greater knowledge & understanding in this current culture of information saturation. We provide exceptional services and a history of success. We serve all walks of real estate consumers. Our collective knowledge and experience is not limited to one aspect of real estate transactions. We serve unique real estate consumers and hope to make you one of our satisfied clients.

Chief Properties

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