206593_1814037604550_1648350275_1813242_5005704_nTodd Marcus, the Broker/Owner of Chief Properties was part of service projects that built homes & churches in the impoverished parts of Mexico all throughout his youth & early professional career. In college Todd co-led a construction effort in Ensenada, Mexico that built ten homes, three churches and two classrooms in less than seven days with over 500 volunteers. Todd’s early exposure to home construction & serving those in need created a natural trajectory towards serving his local community with their diverse real estate needs.

In Todd’s college & early professional career he was able to work as a construction project manager & commercial developer in Southern California. That valuable experience enabled Todd to provide more than just the standard real estate services & insights for today’s real estate buyer, seller and investor.

Todd moved to Kansas City, MO in 2006 to pursue a change of pace and the opportunity to start a real estate brokerage that provided multi-faceted services to the real estate consumer. Todd’s motives & approach did not fit the mold that other Real Estate Brokerages held in the Kansas City Metro area so Chief Properties LLC was created to provide a truly benevolent, personalized service for our unique clientele.

The founding principles of Chief Properties have been: “Establish Trust, Be Patient & Success Will Come”. Chief Properties was founded & created by a altruistic business owner that values charity & giving over profit margins, building relationships & trust instead of dominating market share, and supporting a small group of quality people (that happen to be real estate agents) to provide magnanimous services rather than hundreds of agents that serve a corporate motive. We will not be on billboards or have our photos on our business cards – we focus on referrals from your friends, family, co-workers and other professionals in our business. Our aim is simple – build a successful business one satisfied client at a time. We let our professional conduct and character lead to our collective advance (with your voice being the most important in that achievement).

Chief Properties is proud of the work we do in the communities we serve. Part of our service-oriented focus has led to the successful placement of 40+ refugee families annually into permanent housing situations. We work with local charities, support services & interpreters through every aspect of the loan process, home purchase & long-term homeownership support for each refugee client we serve.

We’re passionate about the work we do in the local community, the important service we provide for the displaced refugee population and the community building we provide our neighborhoods. We endeavor to provide the ideal balance between valuable services & philanthropic outreach. Your patronage & referrals support our greater motivation to serve & care for all our clientele, regardless of their economic disposition or the street they live on.

Chief Properties has a team of real estate agents that help serve each other in the communities we live and aid. From Lawrence, Kansas to Lee’s Summit, Missouri and everywhere in between we support the entire Kansas City & Lawrence Metro areas.